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The CGA Xcel program is for advanced classroom students to have an opportunity to experience a low key competition season full of the experiences learned from team competition.  Our hope is to keep the time and financial commitment to a minimum.  Starting June 5, 2017 every child will be placed on either XCEL 1 or XCEL 2.  After your child has been placed on one of these levels, the child does not have to try out again unless they wish to move into the USAG program. The Xcel 2 program is the highest level of Xcel; it follows XCEL 1 and is for students ready to move into higher optional skills.


  1. SCHEDULE FOR 2017-2018


                                  Xcel 1                                               Xcel 2

Wed. 6:00-9:00                                                             Tues. 6:00-9:00

Fri. 6:00-9:00                                                                Thurs. 6:00-9:00

                                                                                            Sat. 2:00-5:00

(Summer Friday 1-4 No Sat)






XCEL Team Tuition


Xcel 1 Tuition – $150.00 deducted on the 20th of each month.

Xcel 2 Tuition – $175.00 deducted on the 20th of each month.


  • Payment is for instruction during Xcel practice hours.
  • Families with one or more siblings enrolled in the CGA program/classes may deduct 10% off the tuition.
  • Xcel gymnasts are now required to pay tuition via the CGA Credit Card on File program (CCF).
  • CCF tuition payments will be deducted at the beginning of week 8 each term.



Term tuition remains the same regardless of minor schedule changes, vacations, or injuries that may occur.  If a gymnast misses practice for any reason, there are no make-ups, and there is no reduction in tuition.


The gym will close for all major holidays, Snow Days (announced on website).  Should these closings effect the normal practice times, alterations may take place.  These closings do not affect tuition.


Gymnasts will not be eligible to compete at competitions nor will they be allowed access to Registration Fee benefits (free open gym, etc.) if the tuition, Financial Plan Payments, and/or Registration Fee is delinquent.


In order to receive benefits, a gymnast must maintain eligibility requirements and remain as a member of the team throughout the entire 2017-2018 season.  If an athlete leaves the Xcel program, these benefits are voided.






The non refundable registration Fee is $225 payable June 5th. This fee shall include the following benefits:


Free Open Gym   


  • All CGA open gyms are free to Xcel team members.


 Competition Team Leotard and T-shirt


  • Parents, Guardians, and/or responsible parties will be asked to sign off on sizing sheets for leotards.  The leotard will be ordered accordingly.  CGA is responsible for ordering the size indicated on the sizing sheet.  Once the leotard size has been signed off on by a parent and ordered, no changes can take place.  If a new leotard is requested, it will be the responsibility of the person who signed the sizing document to replace.  Leotards will be used for two years.  The 2017-2018 season will use the current leotard.  If your child requires a new leotard in the second year for any reason such as size etc. you will be responsible to pay for that leotard.


 Awards Ceremony


  • Athletes will be honored at a special ceremony at CGA for their participation and accomplishments while in the Xcel Program.  Gymnast must have competed with the team through the year in order to be invited to attend this event held at the end of each competitive season.













These fees are used to pay for meet participation (individual and team fees) and coach’s fees (travel, session fee, etc.).  Each athlete is responsible for payment of $660/$735 for Xcel Team Competition Fee regardless of meets attended, or length of time in the program.  Xcel Team Competition Fees are NOT deducted automatically from CCF.  You may notify the office to deduct from CCF if you choose.


                              Xcel 1            Xcel 2

July 1st                                              $220               $245

August 1st                                         $220               $245

September 1st                                  $220               $245

TOTAL:                                            $660               $735


  • Xcel gymnasts will be entered into all meets regardless if they can attend or not.  There are no refunds of these fees.  There will be approximately 5 competitions.


  • Any athlete that qualifies to the regional team will pay the additional meet fee to attend.


  • All levels of the Xcel program will be competing in all USAG competitions. A USAG number is required for these competitions.  The cost for a USAG number is included in your competition fees.


  • A warm-up will be ordered Aug 1st.  The cost is approximately $150.00.  Warm-ups will stay the same as last year’s competitive season.  If your daughter is new to the program, she will need to order one.




Xcel 1

  • Floor- Routines will be taught in workout, no extra cost is required.
  • Beam- Routines will be taught in workout, no extra cost is required.

Xcel 2

  • Everyone will be required to get a floor routine choreographed. Floor routines are approximately $75-$100 and they take about 2 hours.  They will need to be schedule outside of regular practice times.  Please contact April Otto to set up a time.  (Music is an additional cost depending on the place you order it from)  Your daughter will keep her floor routine as many seasons as she likes.  ( I will be sending out more information as we get closer to needing routines)
  • Beam routines will need to be choreographed as well. These take about an hour depending on the gymnast. Please contact April Otto to set up times. The cost will be approximately $40-$50.  Your daughter can keep her routine as long as she likes.



Our primary source of communication with parents, guardians, and responsible parties is through one or all of the following:



Mailboxes are located in the tall drawer file cabinet by the side gym door.  All Xcel folders are found in the bottom drawer.  Each gymnast will have a folder arranged per level alphabetically.  The folder should be checked regularly.



The Cincinnati Gymnastics Website is www.cincinnatigymnastics.com.  It relays information pertaining to the gym as well as program information. Find us on Facebook at CincinnatiGym. Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest at CincinnatiGymnastics.



When it is necessary to speak to a coach, please call the gym at 513-860-3082 or send an email.

Important emails to know:

Xcel Director and Head Coach Xcel 2- April Otto a.otto46@yahoo.com

Head Coach Xcel 1 – Valerie Kramer- vrkramer13@gmail.com

Office Contact – Vicki Proctor – vickiproctor5@gmail.com

Owner – Mary Lee Tracy – usamlt@aol.com



Individual evaluations will be given out 2 times per year to let you know how your child is progressing at their level.  They are typically given out during preseason and at the end of the competition season.  Move ups will happen with the post season evaluation.