3635 Woodridge BlvdFairfield, OH 45014
(513) 860-3082


“For every person who comes into CGA to feel WELCOME, taken CARE of while they are here, and leave knowing they are VALUED as a customer!”

Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy
3635 Woodridge Blvd
Fairfield, OH 45014
(513) 860-3082

OWNER/PRESIDENT – Mary Lee Tracy    usamlt@aol.com
GYM MANAGER – Julie Wagner    jwagner.8791@gmail.com
CGA ACCOUNTANT – Jackie Gibson
PRE-SCHOOL DIRECTOR – Sarah Day    sarahdaybr@gmail.com
CLASSROOM DIRECTOR – Christina Hartmann    Christina0726@aol.com
EXCEL PROGRAM DIRECTOR – April Otto    a.otto46@yahoo.com   
CREDIT CARD ON FILE – Denise Stinson      gnosnits@aol.com
ELITE HEAD COACH – Mary Lee Tracy      usamlt@aol.com
LEVEL 8/9/10 HEAD COACH – Rachael Gardner      rachaeltracy5@gmail.com
LEVEL 6/7 HEAD COACH – Amy Blados 
 LEVEL 4  HEAD COACH – Khea Jones      kheekers@yahoo.com
LEVEL 3  HEAD COACH – Amy Blados
EXCEL 1 and 2 HEAD COACH – April Otto    a.otto46@yahoo.com
TEAM PARENTS CLUB PRESIDENT – Jenny Willicut      willicutj@fuse.net