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“Every child regardless of ability, deserves the Best Instruction possible. It is our goal to provide a fun, safe, and loving environment in which each child knows he or she is valued. We create disciplined gymnasts by teaching them good work ethic, concentration, perseverance, goal setting, and attention to detail. Every moment is an opportunity for growth both mentally and physically.”

Cincinnati Gymnastics is proud to offer several different training options for every child. The following are quick descriptions of our recreational classes. Each class is offered several times a week for your convenience and are based on 8 week terms.

Level One:
During this 60 minute introductory class, each gymnast will begin learning fundamental skills & techniques on the four Olympic events. Each class begins with a fun, themed warm up and continues with scheduled rotations to vault, bars, balance beam and floor. During these rotations, children will develop handstands, cartwheels, rolls, bridges and many other basics. We will also work to increase flexibility, strength, body control, coordination and most importantly CONFIDENCE!

Level Two:
This 75 minute, intermediate class is a great middle ground between super fun and super focused. With the structure similar to Level One, gymnasts begin learning more advanced skills such as back walkovers, round offs, back handsprings, back hip circles, mill circles and MANY more. Level Two classes will continue to develop increased strength and flexibility, as these are imperative to advancing in gymnastics.
Level Three:
Our most advanced class is the 90 minute Level Three class. Here gymnasts are perfecting form and basic techniques as well as learning the importance of being part of a team. Level Three is full of challenging skills and achieving goals in a loving, disciplined environment. During class, gymnasts will work on dive rolls, front handsprings, mill circles, front hip circles, cast handstands, leaps, back handsprings and other advanced skills.
Beginner Tumbling:
A 60 minute, jam packed lesson of all the tumbling basics. From cartwheels, round offs, bridges, back walkovers to back handsprings! A fun way to learn how to flip!
Intermediate/Advanced Tumbling:
After mastering the basics, students can join this 60 minute class and advance their tumbling skills even further. Learning back handsprings, back tucks, front tucks, and twisting is just the beginning for this class.